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Induscabos presents the new commemorative stamp for 38 years.

In 2014, Induscabos presents its new commemorative stamp for 38 years. This stamp represents the growth and advancement of the company.

 Currently one of the largest suppliers of electric wires and cables in Brazil, Induscabos has been going through a time of industrial growth, so it comes together with its partners in this new label.

 The stamp of 38 years refers to the idea of how Induscabos has been outstanding in the market, always seeking to innovate in the wire and cable industry, with skilled professionals and latest equipment are present throughout the national territory and internationally providing high quality products.

 Employ shades of blue is one of the standard colors of the company, which convey serenity and confidence, two qualities that Induscabos cherishes and deal with your customers. Green and yellow colors on the edge of the stamp, mean pride and the privilege to be a 100% national Brazilian company.

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