Oil and Gas

A complete line of power cables in low, medium or high voltage, as well as control and automation cables is available for on-shore installations. Indulink cables, insulated in cross-linked polyethylene with arborescence retardancy (XLPE-TR) and Epronax, insulated in ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) in full and coordinated thickness versions, operating at 90 °C or 105 °C, for voltages up to 69 kV, can be provided with tinned conductors if required, shielding section suitable for the short circuit levels of the installation, longitudinal and transversal blocking against moisture migration, metallic tape armoring when applicable and polyethylene covering, a material extremely tight to moisture and with excellent resistance characteristics to the chemical agents present in the environment.
In low voltage, Eproflex 90 0,6/1 kV and Duflex 750 V cables are the most used, or even their non-halogenated versions, the Atox Flex 0,6/1 kV and Atox Flex 750 V cables.

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