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We present the new budget system on the Induscabos website

Now it’s easier to request a quote through our website! Important for many industries is knowing the technical specifications of the cables you desire, as it is necessary for an accurate budget. To facilitate this process, we have updated our budget system on the Induscabos website. In just 4 steps, you can make a quick, practical, and secure request for your business!

STEP 1: Click on the “Request Quote” button available at the top of our website;

STEP 2: Fill in your information correctly in the registration;

STEP 3: Choose the best option for your type of request. You can attach an Excel file, select the characteristics of the items in the system itself, or describe the request in the corresponding field. After that, just send the budget.

STEP 4: We will receive and forward your request directly to the most suitable person to assist you!

See how easy it is? With up-to-date technical specifications, you can acquire your cables much more quickly! We are always seeking new improvements; don’t forget to follow them on our communication channels. Find the new budget system here!

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