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The installers’ favorite, we present: Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV ✨

When it comes to low-voltage cables, we immediately think of one of the most important cables in our portfolio in this category. It serves many of our clients, and they attest to its reliability: Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV.

The Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV cable is the favorite of installers due to its flexibility and performance. Its HEPR insulation allows operation up to 90 °C in continuous use or 130 °C in emergency use, and it can be installed in the air on trays, cable trays, or cable ducts, in channels on the ground, or even buried directly in the ground or in conduits. It also withstands humid environments and water covering up to 1 meter without any problems.

The PVC covering protects 1 to 5 insulated conductors gathered and color-coded, with flame-retardant properties. The ground conductor can be provided with a reduced section, always in compliance with the NBR 5410 standard for Low Voltage Electrical Installations. To learn about dimensions, masses, current-carrying capacity, voltage drop, or short-circuit level supported by each section, consult our complete catalog of Low Voltage Cables, available for download on our website.

Additional information: access our catalog to learn more technical details about Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV

Simple, fast, and secure installation

With thermosetting insulation, this type of cable can operate with a higher current capacity, allowing the use of smaller sections compared to cables with conventional thermoplastic insulation. The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) covering, in addition to excellent abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction, provides a simple, fast, and secure installation.

That’s why those who buy Induscabos low-voltage cables and install them trust in their power because they know the quality and safety they provide for each type of installation.

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