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The secrets to obtaining quality cables

The best option depends on its specification 📋

The purchase of an electrical cable, no matter how simple, requires a specification or, at the very least, a description that allows the supplier to understand and deliver exactly what the customer needs. This makes the purchase much more accurate and easy for all parties involved.

The purchase information should, at least, include the conductor material (copper or aluminum) and its nominal section, insulation and sheathing materials (in the case of insulated cables), and its voltage class. Indicating the applicable manufacturing standard for the cable is extremely important to immediately identify the product. For cables with voltages higher than 1,000 V, it is also important to indicate the section of the metallic shielding, which, if omitted, is assumed to be the minimum standard value – 6 mm2.

The “optional” features of the cable should also be specified when needed, such as the presence of moisture-blocking materials, the color of the sheath if not black, protection against rodents or termites, metal reinforcement armor, among others.

✅ When the specification is complete, there will be no doubts regarding the cable construction, and the buyer can confidently compare prices from different sources.

❌ But when the specification is ambiguous, each manufacturer may interpret the cable construction differently, and when receiving offers, the buyer will be comparing apples to oranges, risking the acquisition of a product that does not meet its application.”

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