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The production of electricity in Brazil by harnessing water resources is increasingly giving way to wind farms and photovoltaic parks. Every year new technologies increase installed power in Brazil through the development of taller towers to capture wind at higher speeds, increasing the average output of wind turbines, and more efficient and powerful solar cells. Induscabos supplies a complete range of products for the Renewable Energy segment. Aluminium cables insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR 105), blocked from longitudinal moisture migration and covered with polyethylene, at a voltage of 20/35 kV, are the most common. See our catalogues for Indulink Al Wind Solar and Epronax Al Slim 105 Wind Solar cables for medium voltage and Indusolar Flex and Indulink Al Solar cables for 0.6/1 kVAC / 1.8 kVDC.