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With strong foreign investment and full expansion of its manufacturing capacity, the Pulp and Paper sector is booming in Brazil. New industries in this sector and the expansion of existing ones have shown strong demand for electrical cables. This is a result of the heated foreign market, especially in China and Europe (the main destination markets). Low-voltage installations use Duflex 750 V cables, insulated in PVC to 70 °C, embedded in conduits, and Eproflex 90 cables insulated in HEPR to 90 °C for use in any type of installation. In medium voltage, the most widely used cable is Epronax Slim 105, insulated in EPR 105 with a reduced thickness and operating temperature of 105 °C. It is used in trays, cable trays, beds, ducts or directly buried in dry or humid environments. Modern automation technologies used in this sector also require Induscabos Control and Instrumentation cables.