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Induscabos Integrated System Policy

Through continuous improvement, Induscabos Condutores Elétricos strives to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders when it comes to providing energy transport solutions.
For us, nothing is more important than people’s health and safety. We use natural resources conscientiously, demonstrating our commitment to future generations.

Objectives of the Quality Management System:

  • To work as a team, aiming to fulfil the needs of our stakeholders;
  • Establish partnerships with customers and suppliers, internal and/or external;
  • Seek continuous improvement of the integrated management system, with the commitment of ALL;
  • Make every effort to comply with legislation;
  • Understand that the sustainability of our business contributes to the well-being of society;
  • Reducing environmental impacts in order to protect the environment, preserve natural resources, manage and ensure the correct disposal of our waste, with a continuous focus on pollution prevention.

Our Commitments

To promote a safe, healthy and sustainable workplace, developing actions that encourage safe behaviour among employees;comportamento seguro dos colaboradores;