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Induscabos Partners

Induscabos values the quality of its products, which is why it works closely with its partners, maintaining a relationship of mutual collaboration. This means that the wires and cables produced are guaranteed to be safe from the factory to the point of sale.

The partnership that began in October 2016 with the largest manufacturer of electrical conductors in the United States, Southwire, aims to expand the participation of both companies in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. We will now exclusively commercialise cables developed to meet the needs of the GTD markets – Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Mining, Oil & Gas and especially High Voltage Underground Networks. The Southwire line complements the products already commercialised by Induscabos and expands the area of operation of the two companies, which together now offer customers in these segments complete solutions for their needs.

“The partnership will bring benefits to both companies, and especially to the Brazilian market, which can now count on the expertise of two manufacturers who value the quality of their products and spare no effort in applying cutting-edge technology to the manufacture of medium to high voltage cables,” – Administrative and Industrial Director of Induscabos.

Other companies are also included in the partnership, such as Madem, which produces wooden spools in all sizes for packaging cables, forming reels. To help with logistics and reduce delivery times, there is an internal Madem unit within the Induscabos plant, so all the material is ordered on demand, avoiding waste and rework, and is customised according to the needs of each cable model and section.