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Note in down: shielding = safe construction

A cable has many components, and one of them is shielding. It is responsible for insulation and preventing electromagnetic interference problems in the locations where the cables are being installed. Today, we will show you the importance of shielding in Induscabos medium-voltage cables ⚡

Secure Shielding = Secure Construction 🔨

Cables operating at voltages from 3.6/6 kV to 20/35 kV must have a metallic element over their insulation system. The current flowing through the conductor induces voltage in the cable’s shielding, a similar effect to what happens between the primary and secondary of a transformer.

The presence of this induced voltage in the shielding causes current flow in them, and this is an undesirable situation for various reasons. Thus, without a grounded metallic element at one or both ends of the circuit to carry this induced current to the ground, there could be an electric shock passing through a human or even an animal that comes into physical contact with the energized cable, causing fatal consequences.

In addition to this safety measure, the metallic shielding can be designed to be activated during a potential short circuit, directing the short-circuit current to the ground and avoiding damage to the installation. Naturally, the shielding section must be sized for this purpose based on the value of the single-phase short-circuit current at the location and the duration of the protection’s activation. Induscabos provides the formulas for this sizing in its catalog for medium-voltage cables

Expert Opinions on the Matter

Few electrical conductor manufacturers can provide such a complete range of products as Induscabos. Modern machinery for producing low, medium, and high-voltage cables, fully equipped laboratories for physical, electrical, and chemical testing, top-notch raw materials from first-rate suppliers, and skilled labor contribute to the company’s periodic recognition and awards from its customers. We also welcome external inspectors sent by clients of major projects to our factory to monitor the manufacturing and testing process, ensuring excellence in delivering the final product.

In addition to the compulsory certification required by INMETRO for some products, practically the entire line is voluntarily certified by UL – Underwriters Laboratories, not only in accordance with Brazilian standards but also according to European, North American, and South American standards. We offer secure shielding in our cables, sparing you concerns about the progress and integrity of your construction.

See how easy it is? With up-to-date technical specifications, acquiring your cables is much faster! We are always seeking new improvements; don’t forget to follow them on our communication channels. Find the new budget system here!

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