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Induscabos starts testing new lab

Designed and built with the most advanced standards of the world’s technology is available for testing, the modern and complete laboratory installed in the new factory complex Induscabos. With an area of 250m² for testing, this new facility is equipped to test highly structured cables with solid insulation, up to 138 kV voltage class.

The tests partial discharge, a leading indicator of the intrinsic quality of the insulation shall be conducted in a shielded environment against electromagnetic interference (Faraday cage). In the first phase, medium voltage cables will be tested up to class 20 / 35kV, combining with the release of CABLES EPRONAX SIM 105.

On the new medium-voltage conductor, EPRONAX SLIM 105 CABLE is designed and tested according to NBR 7286 “Power cables with solid extruded insulation of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) for voltages from 1kV to 35kV.” It has proven dielectric strength of the compound, which admits temperature in the driver under normal conditions up to 105 ° C, increasing the current capacity by 15% when compared to traditional cables. EPRONAX SLIM 105 CABLE meets specific requirements of facilities such as partial or total immersion in water – (AD-7 classification – NBR), protection against mechanical stress in the radial or longitudinal direction, protection against rodents, resistance to flame spread and low emission toxic gases.


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