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Induscabos Sales Convention 2022

On the first day of February, we held our 2022 Sales Convention, focusing on strategies and aligning with the team for the new challenges this year brings.

Despite the increasing Covid-19 cases, we opted for an online format to prioritize the health of our team. The event, our 4th Business Meeting, was a success with everyone’s involvement. Check out images from this special day by clicking here.

We extend our gratitude to all representatives, internal team members, and collaborators who stayed connected throughout the event. Working with such an extraordinary team is truly an honor.

Special thanks to those involved in the event’s execution: our Directors, Júnior and Jenner; Managers Alvaro Luccas, Italo Bartolomeu, Marcelo Almeida, Eduardo Blauth, and Robinson Fontalva; our guests Kelma Castro and Nildo Santos from Lummo; speaker Peter Macable; and the Marketing team, Juliete Paiva and Giovanna Medrado. Thank you very much!

Now, we have a lot of work ahead and rely on your commitment and dedication as we work together towards a common goal: selling and achieving success. It’s crucial for each team member to give their best, as has been consistently done.

Until the next Flight! ✈

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