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Induscabos partners with SouthWire

Induscabos, one of the largest manufacturers of high, medium, and low-voltage cables in Brazil, announces a partnership with the leading North American manufacturer, SouthWire.

Responsible for manufacturing half of the cables used to transmit and distribute electrical energy in the United States, SouthWire is also present in one out of every three new homes built in the United States.

The partnership, initiated in October 2016, aims to expand the presence of both companies in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Through this agreement, Induscabos gains exclusive rights to market cables designed to meet the needs of the GTD (Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Energy), Mining, Oil & Gas, and especially High Voltage Underground Networks markets. The SouthWire product line complements the products already offered by Induscabos and expands the scope of both companies, enabling them to provide complete solutions to customers in these segments.

“This partnership will bring benefits to both companies, and especially to the Brazilian market, which now has access to the expertise of two manufacturers that prioritize the quality of their products and spare no effort in applying cutting-edge technology to the production of medium to high-voltage cables,” says José Alexandre Almeida Luiz Jr., Administrative and Industrial Director of Induscabos.

As part of this project, high-technology and high-performance products are being developed for a wide range of solutions, some of which are still unknown in the Brazilian and Latin American markets, offering potential project cost savings in certain cases.

Among the products offered by Induscabos are Non-Insulated Cables for Overhead Transmission Lines, with a special mention of HTLS (High-Temperature Low Sag) cables with a carbon fiber core – lighter than the cables currently in use. HTLS cables, made with a carbon fiber core, allow for increased current carrying capacity without overburdening the transmission tower structures, resulting in cost savings for projects and, in some cases, minimizing the environmental impact that would be generated by tower replacement.

The portfolio also includes High Voltage Insulated Cables with an operating voltage of less than 230 kV (cross-sectional area > 1600 mm²) and Extra High Voltage Cables with an operating voltage greater than 230 kV (any cross-sectional area), both developed for use in urban areas.

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