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Induscabos’ Mining Solutions

In mining, trust is fundamental. Induscabos builds strong partnerships through contracts that guarantee a continuous supply of reliable electrical cables.

Engineered to withstand:

  • Harsh conditions: Induscabos cables are built with materials and designs that can endure bending, constant dragging, highly abrasive surfaces, extremely aggressive environments, and heavy-duty work, both indoors and outdoors, from powering machines to lighting and ventilation in mines.
  • Demanding applications: We power machines, lighting, and ventilation in mines, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.
  • Flexible conductors: Allow bending and handling without damaging the cable.
  • Ethylene-propylene rubber insulation: High resistance to abrasion, weathering, and chemicals.
  • Copper wire braid shielding: Protection against electromagnetic interference and mechanical damage.
  • Covering material with excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance: Increased cable durability and lifespan.
  • Sunlight resistance: Ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Halogen-free: Increased safety in case of fire, reducing the emission of toxic gases.

Induscabos offers support to assist in the selection and installation of cables, as well as to solve technical questions and problems. We meet the specific needs of each client with cables customized for different applications.

Our products:

  • SHDM and SHDM-CT medium voltage cables: For various applications, such as powering motors, pumps, and other machinery.
  • Flexible low voltage cables suitable for heavy duty: Withstand handling on asphalt, abrasive floors, or other aggressive surfaces.

Induscabos: Your trusted partner for the mining industry:

  • Experience and knowledge: Over 40 years of experience in providing cables for the mining industry.
  • Quality and reliability: Products certified by the most rigorous international standards.
  • Commitment to the customer: Personalized service and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us and discover how we can strengthen your operation!

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