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How to classify power quality in your industry

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Before you start reading, we want to test your knowledge about the impacts of power quality: voltage variation in electrical energy within an industry can cause…

a) Factory shutdown and production loss;

b) Improvement in equipment performance;

c) Permanent disruption of power transmission.

Have you thought it through? You’ll find the answer at the end of this article!

Power What? 🤯

Power Quality is the English term used to classify the quality of energy delivered to a facility. Many electronic devices and automation systems are sensitive to voltage variations and drops in the power supply, often caused by the unexpected connection of energy sources, such as renewable energy. The production systems themselves can also cause faults and return them to the distribution system.

The risk? Factory shutdowns and production loss. The main changes occurring in electrical distribution systems, with the integration of smart meters, photovoltaic generators, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems, bring various types of disturbance to the network. The quality of energy needs to be continuously monitored and analyzed so that unforeseen risks can be detected in advance.

Today, there are various devices capable of continuously monitoring voltage fluctuations, harmonic presence, and other disturbances to allow timely decision-making and interventions.

Speaking of that…

In all interventions in electrical installations, preventive measures to control electrical risk and other additional risks must be adopted through risk analysis techniques to ensure safety and health at work.

Control measures are a set of strategic preventive actions aimed at eliminating or reducing undesirable events that have the potential to cause injuries or health damage to workers. These control or preventive measures should be adopted in all activities involving interventions in electrical installations to control electrical risks such as shocks, flashes, burns, etc.

Measures for protection against electrical risk must be adopted, such as electrical de-energization, the use of obstacles, barriers, signaling, automatic reclosing blocking, among others. Quality cables are also measures used for the safety of your installation; learn more about the safety of electrical cables at

Induscabos Quiz Answer: A

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