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Industrial electrical installations require high quality cables to keep their operation uninterrupted and their production at full load. In low voltage, Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV and Duflex 750 V cables are the most commonly used, or even their non-halogenised versions, Atox Flex 0.6/1 kV and Atox Flex 750 V cables respectively. In medium voltage, the most common cable is the Epronax Slim 105, as it has the advantages of flexibility, operation at 105 °C allowing greater current capacity or reduction of a section when compared to cables operating at 90 °C and reduced insulation thickness, which makes for lighter and more economical cables. They are supplied with copper or aluminium conductors. In special applications, they can be fitted with blocks to prevent the ingress of moisture, frames for mechanical protection or other components that preserve the product’s long life. Bare aluminium cables with or without a steel core, multiplexed insulated cables for low or medium voltage and Indugrex-TR anti-trapping polyethylene covered cables for medium voltage are available for installation in overhead networks. All these solutions fully serve the pulp and paper, sugar and alcohol, food, textile and manufacturing industries in general.