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Discover the power of the winds

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewables in the energy sector in Brazil. However, there are still some uncertainties about electricity generation in wind farms, so we challenge you to distinguish between myths and truths below:

1. Turbines are noisy 🗣
2. Turbines kill birds 🐦
3. A single wind turbine can supply electricity to 500 households 🏠
4. Wind energy is expensive 💸

So, can you unravel them? You’ll find the answers at the end of this article.

The Power of the Winds

The harnessing of wind energy for mechanical power dates back over a thousand years. However, it has only been utilized for electrical power in the last century. Winds spin large blades connected to a turbine that drives an electric generator. Known as wind turbines, these systems are located atop tall towers in areas of constant wind, forming a wind farm. The energy generated in the turbine is transferred to the base of the tower and its voltage is elevated to 35 kV. An underground collector network interconnects all the towers to a main substation, which provides power to the electrical system. With a single turbine, it’s possible to serve 500 households!

Various types of cables are used in wind farms, and Induscabos has a product line specially developed for medium-voltage grids: the cables Indulink Al Wind (insulated with XLPE-TR) and Epronax Al Slim 105 Wind (insulated with EPR 105), both with conductor and metallic shielding blocked against the longitudinal migration of moisture, ST7 polyethylene coverage, with different shielding sections to meet any level of single-phase short circuit

Time for the Truth! (or Myth)

As you read the article, I’m sure you managed to think of or came across some spoilers along the way. Let’s now address the myths and truths about wind energy generation:

1. Turbines are noisy: Myth! Modern turbines produce low noise; the blades create a whistle that tends to blend with ground noises and blowing wind. A turbine operating at 200 m is no louder than a domestic refrigerator.

2. Turbines kill birds: Myth! Occasionally yes, but birds pass through turbines just like they do other tall structures; it’s more common for birds to be killed by cats or by colliding with communication towers or automobiles.

3. A single wind turbine can supply electricity to 500 households: True! Turbines are becoming more efficient as invested technology evolves.

4. Wind energy is expensive: Myth! No longer, as technology has progressed, turbines have become more efficient, now competing with conventional energy sources.

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