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The construction and infrastructure market demands safety and quality, with compulsory certification by INMETRO for some product families. It is not acceptable to use cables that are loose or difficult to install. The most common cables are Duflex 750 V, insulated in PVC, and Eproflex 90 0.6/1 kV, insulated in ethylene-propylene rubber (HEPR) and covered in PVC. But the product range is complete and also includes Indugrex cables, insulated in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or Atox Flex (halogen-free) in the 750 V and 0.6/1 kV versions. The Atox version is mandatory for use in places with a large influx of people, as defined in standard NBR 13570. Special cables for infrastructure projects, such as Airport Runway Beaconing Cables or Fire Alarm Cables are also available. In medium voltage, the most cost-effective cable is Epronax Slim 105, insulated in ethylene-propylene rubber for operation at 105 °C and reduced insulation thickness. The cables can be offered with copper or aluminium conductors, in voltages up to 138 kV.