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Protecting the Planet

Every day, we make choices that impact the environment. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, our actions can contribute to the preservation or degradation of our planet. Small acts, such as leaving the water running while brushing our teeth, forgetting to turn off lights, or wasting food, contribute […]

Powering the Oil & Gas Industry: Induscabos Delivers Reliable Solutions

The oil and gas industry is experiencing a period of growth. Operations are expanding and evolving to meet the rising global demand for energy. With this expansion, the need for reliable electrical solutions in challenging environments becomes more critical than ever. At Induscabos, we understand the importance of reliability. We are prepared to meet this […]

Induscabos’ Mining Solutions

In mining, trust is fundamental. Induscabos builds strong partnerships through contracts that guarantee a continuous supply of reliable electrical cables. Engineered to withstand: Harsh conditions: Induscabos cables are built with materials and designs that can endure bending, constant dragging, highly abrasive surfaces, extremely aggressive environments, and heavy-duty work, both indoors and outdoors, from powering machines to […]

Medium Voltage: Powering the World

Medium voltage refers to a specific range of electrical voltage, typically between 1 kV and 69 kV. This range is essential for the efficient transmission of power in many applications. Playing a crucial role in power distribution, medium voltage serves as the link between high-voltage power generation and low-voltage delivery to end consumers. It is […]

Induscabos partners with SouthWire

Induscabos, one of the largest manufacturers of high, medium, and low-voltage cables in Brazil, announces a partnership with the leading North American manufacturer, SouthWire. Responsible for manufacturing half of the cables used to transmit and distribute electrical energy in the United States, SouthWire is also present in one out of every three new homes built […]

Induscabos awarded by CEMIG as one of its best suppliers.

In 2013, CEMIG – Cemig, reference company in Brazil and the world in the energy sector, has awarded Induscabos the 5th consecutive time for compliance with the requirements that ensure the efficiency of the quality of its production process controls as well as compliance with health and safety requirements and environmental, checked in industrial technical […]

Cardboard packaging innovate the market of wires and cables.

Recent studies conducted by the American consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton for the National Association of Construction Material Traders (Anamaco) show that 77% of Brazilian housing units are built on self-management system, being built or renovated gradually with items purchased by themselves residents. With such seasoned profile for the growth of self-service in the retail […]