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Witnessing Exponential Growth in Agribusiness: Induscabos Powers the Future of Farming

Modern farms and advanced machinery are shaping the future of agricultural production. In recent years, technology has transformed the countryside, from drones for irrigation and fertilization to sensors on machines. This technological revolution is optimizing production and increasing the efficiency of agribusiness in Brazil and worldwide. At Induscabos, we are at the forefront of this […]

Discover if your electrical system is safe

Powering your construction safely and efficiently 💡 Before any activity on the construction site, the most crucial principle is ensuring safety for both workers and those who will benefit from the structure once it’s completed. Safety measures can be applied in various ways: on equipment, the site, personal protective equipment (PPE), and also materials, such […]

Do you know the function of insulation and the difference between PVC, HERP and XLPE?

Do you know the function of insulation and the difference between PVC, HERP and XLPE? The function of insulation is to confine electrical charges within the conductor, guiding them directly to the point of use (electrical equipment). Any failure in the insulation will create a path for the charges to escape from the conductor, causing […]

Induscabos answers de-energization of medium voltage network for maintenance

Induscabos answers:  de-energization of medium voltage network for maintenance Can medium voltage cables deteriorate if the network is de-energized for maintenance? There is no issue with keeping a medium voltage network de-energized for months, if necessary. It is important to ensure that the cable ends are sealed to prevent the entry of rain or moisture. […]

Induscabos Sales Convention 2022

On the first day of February, we held our 2022 Sales Convention, focusing on strategies and aligning with the team for the new challenges this year brings. Despite the increasing Covid-19 cases, we opted for an online format to prioritize the health of our team. The event, our 4th Business Meeting, was a success with […]

Induscabos is a finalist for CPFL Award

Congratulations to all our collaborators for being among the finalists of the CPFL Energia Mais Valor Award! Among the nearly 2,000 contracted suppliers at CPFL, being a finalist is a significant achievement for INDUSCABOS CONDUTORES ELÉTRICOS LTDA. We continue to strive for excellence in everything we set out to do!

We present the new budget system on the Induscabos website

Now it’s easier to request a quote through our website! Important for many industries is knowing the technical specifications of the cables you desire, as it is necessary for an accurate budget. To facilitate this process, we have updated our budget system on the Induscabos website. In just 4 steps, you can make a quick, […]

3 principles certifying quality

Empowering High-Level Energy ✨ How can you be sure that the cables you are purchasing are of high quality? This is a valid question that arises in the mind of a buyer, and we can address it practically with three important principles: customer trust, expert recommendations, and market approval. Induscabos Condutores Elétricos has been in […]

Discover the power of the winds

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewables in the energy sector in Brazil. However, there are still some uncertainties about electricity generation in wind farms, so we challenge you to distinguish between myths and truths below: 1. Turbines are noisy 🗣 2. Turbines kill birds 🐦 3. A single wind turbine can supply electricity […]

How to classify power quality in your industry

Induscabos Quiz ⚡ Before you start reading, we want to test your knowledge about the impacts of power quality: voltage variation in electrical energy within an industry can cause… a) Factory shutdown and production loss; b) Improvement in equipment performance; c) Permanent disruption of power transmission. Have you thought it through? You’ll find the answer […]