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Cardboard packaging innovate the market of wires and cables.

Recent studies conducted by the American consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton for the National Association of Construction Material Traders (Anamaco) show that 77% of Brazilian housing units are built on self-management system, being built or renovated gradually with items purchased by themselves residents. With such seasoned profile for the growth of self-service in the retail building materials, which the proliferation of home centers is emblematic factor, it is easy to understand why the industry manufacturers find themselves increasingly compelled to create sellers packaging for their products. Before the challenge, the segment of electrical conductors seems to have found a North.

It happens that the commercial presentation of electrical wires and cables, traditionally made in the form of skeins surrounded by simpletons plastic films, has been increasingly replaced by corrugated boxes custom designed for products. “The carton packaging is a better looking and with ample space to disseminate information, an important factor to meet the center of home consumer profile,” says Industrial Director of Induscabos, a company that has adopted boxes for your wires and cables for five years. Since then, the membership of the company to cellulosic packing only increased, accompanying the changes in sales channels.

In order to facilitate the perception of consumers in the self-service retail boxes of Induscabos visually designed jointly by the company and the agency this point, and made the carton Jauense, have different colors to distinguish the nominal sections (gauges) of products. Holes in the sides assist the public in view of the packed model. In addition, Induscabos boxes are equipped with a feature that is becoming standard boxes used by the industry: a circular perforated area in front of that broken, it generates a hole for wire removal.

Source: Embalagem Marca Magazine – by Marcella Freitas

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