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We have medium voltage cables – 8.7/15 and 12/20 kV – available from stock and with special conditions!

Manufactured with the highest extrusion technology in the country and using extremely high-performance machines, Induscabos medium-voltage cables are insulated using a simultaneous triple extrusion process, avoiding any possible contamination of the material and guaranteeing total adherence between the three layers and a long service life for the product.

Only compounds from world-class suppliers are used, and they are stored in a room with positive pressure, which ensures that no contaminating material remains near the polymers. In addition, there is extrusion capacity for cables up to 138 kV, with a sophisticated X-ray system controlling their size. 100% of the cables produced at Induscabos are tested in the factory by measuring their electrical resistance, partial discharges and applying alternating current electrical voltage, guaranteeing their quality.

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Thinner, lighter, easier to install. These are the characteristics of cables insulated with ethylene propylene rubber, EPR, which operate at 105°C, unlike those with XLPE insulation, which operate at 90°C. This type of insulation allows the cable to transmit more current, even though it is thinner than XLPE and for the same voltage class.

✅ In addition to the items available from stock, we have reduced lead times for other medium voltage items from 3.6/6 to 20/35 kV.

Where can I install our medium-voltage cables? The cables available in our stock can be installed in:
– Trays;
– Channels;
– Beds;
– Conduits or
– Directly buried.

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*Stock subject to availability/revolving stock.

See how easy it is? With up-to-date technical specifications, you can buy your cables much more quickly! We’re always looking for new improvements, so be sure to follow them on our communication channels. Find the new quotation system here!

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