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Learn more about our history.

For 45 years, Induscabos has supplied major projects in various sectors such as: underground railways, expansion works in large pulp and paper industries, mills, mining companies and others.

• First factory in the neighborhood of Belém/SP.


José Alexandre Almeida Luiz

Joaninha Iacono Luiz

Jenner Negrão.

• The company began its operations manufacturing products in the line of:

- Automotive wiring harnesses.

- Plugs for the domestic appliance industry

- Enameled wires for the motor industry.

1983 - NEW HOME

• Move to new plant in Poá/SP -"Own headquarters" of approximately 20,000 m².

• Expansion of production capacity, new machinery, laboratory, administrative and commercial structure.


•  Portfolio change:

With management succession, the second generation played an important role for the company's history, reshaping some existing product lines and introducing new products for the power cable market.

• Spraying into new segments:

Construction, industry, retailers and distributors of electrical materials.

Inauguration of commercial branches in five states: SP, RJ, MG, PR and RS.

Development of representatives in other states.

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• Since 1995, the company has been certified by the ISO 9000 Quality Management System, and at the time was honored by President Fernando Henrique Cardoso - Federal Government - as one of the first 100 Brazilian companies to do so.

• Launch of ecological wires and cables for civil construction:
Ecopower wire - Brazil's first flame-retardant 750 V wire, insulated with ecological PVC (free of heavy metals).
Drum packaging - First packaging in Brazil of 100 m rolls (drum type).


• Start of production of bare aluminum and insulated aluminum cables.

• Advances in the process with new technologies and innovative raw materials with the start of production of medium-voltage cables in HEPR and XLPE with a voltage class of up to 20 kV.

2003 - EXPORT

• Entry into the export market with strategic planning for the company's internationalization in Latin American countries.

We obtained partnerships with exclusive distributors in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and plans to expand into other countries: Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, French Guiana, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.


• Inauguration of the new plant called "Production Unit 04" in Poá/SP with approximately 7,000 m². With this new structure, production of vulcanized rubber cables (EPR and XLPE) up to 138 kV class began on equipment called "Catenary", with an estimated production of 600 t/month.

• After three years of operation, we invested in a second production line for vulcanized cables, expanding the production of medium-voltage cables and making it possible to produce up to 1,500 t/month.


• First production of 69 kV cable with radial locking using APL tape.

• Implementation of the barcode production operating system (MES - Manufacturing Execution System).
• Launch of production of cables for renewable energies: Indulink AL Wind for wind energy and Indusolar Flex for photovoltaic energy systems.


• The partnership with Southwire, the largest manufacturer of electrical conductors in North America, has expanded the participation of both companies in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Together, they now offer customers complete solutions for the energy wire and cable market.

• Development of the Atox Armored 3x300 mm² 10.5/13.2 kV cable in partnership with Southwire for supply to the Buenos Aires/Argentina metro infrastructure, the largest cable ever produced in terms of external diameter and kg/m.
• Development of SHD cable for the mining market.

2020 - BRAND

• Launch of Eproflex Jumper 90 and protected "TR - Tricapa" cables (Indugrex-TR double layer XLPE/HDPE).

• Launch of the Ecopower Slim - MT cable, "lead-free insulated cables".

• Implementation of an intelligent system in the PCP - APS (Advanced Planning System) Preactor AS - Advanced Scheduling.

• UL certification for medium voltage cables for the North American market.

• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

• Record monthly production of aluminum cables (1,122 t).


• Study and planning for an industrial plant in the state of Minas Gerais.

• Development of 3x1x400mm² 20/35kV medium-voltage aluminum cable - supplied to a power utility in the state of São Paulo.

• Record monthly production (2,776 tons).

• We're moving on to P3000 (planning for production of 3,000 tons/month).


Continued research and development efforts to keep up with emerging technological trends. Strategic partnerships with leading companies in the sector.


In its 47th year, Induscabos has reached significant milestones in terms of sales growth, product quality and brand recognition. Expansion of operations into new international markets, consolidating the company's position in the electrical sector.

Oferecer soluções em transporte de energia, com qualidade, contribuindo, para o desenvolvimento da sociedade.

To be a benchmark in energy transport with sustainable growth.

Safety, health, ethics, respect, quality, technology and tradition.
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We have a wide portfolio of products and diversified lines to cater for everything from homes to large industrial parks, hydroelectric power stations and infrastructures.

We serve the whole of Brazil!

We operate throughout the country, divided into 5 segments.

Distributors and resellers:

Presence in the largest distributors of electrical materials for industries in general and large construction sites throughout Brazil.

Digital sales channel:

Following a market trend and especially observing a practice in contacts between consumers and companies through digital media, we are introducing this new sales channel seeking to cater for customers who use digital media in their contacts for business development.

Industries, construction companies, engineers and installers:

We have an exclusive, specialised service channel for large-scale infrastructure projects throughout Brazil.

Energy utilities:

We are approved by all Brazilian electricity concessionaires, operating in hydroelectric power stations, distribution networks, wind farms and photovoltaics.

Our Global Presence

Expanding its participation, in 2002 Induscabos began operating in the international market, prospecting clients in Central America, South America, Africa and the Middle East. That same year, it also began participating in international fairs and missions with APEX (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).


Induscabos currently exports 10 per cent of its production capacity, including low, medium and high voltage cables, with an average turnover growth of 15 per cent in recent years. It is present in more than 15 countries, such as: Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Uruguay, Angola, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, among others, supplying major projects such as the Reconstruction of the Capanda Power Station (Angola), Mariel Port (Cuba), Santiago Metro (Chile), Baja California Thermoelectric Project (Mexico).