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Induscabos Condutores Elétricos Ltda. is a company that is always investing in equipment and professionals to produce the best electric wires and cables in the market. This constant concern with quality highlights it as one of the main manufacturers in the country, with the production of cables until the 138 kV class.  This production capacity qualifies Induscabos to serve the main segments, such as Energy Concessionaires, Oil and Gas, Mining, Steel, Paper and Cellulose, Agroindustry, Wind Farms, among others.

Electric Wires and Cables

The wires and cables are electric conductors responsible for conducting the electric current from one point to another. Copper and aluminum are the two most used metals in the manufacturing of electric conductors. The former is more utilized, mainly in isolated conductors, due to its electrical and mechanical properties. Due to its purity of up to 99,99%, electrolytic copper is the most used for the production of cables. The aluminum utilized for conductors, in turn, has a purity of nearly 99,5%.

The main differences between copper and aluminum are the electric conductivity, the weight and the connections. The most remarkable one is in the way the connections are executed between conductors or between conductor and connector. Aluminum is more utilized in overhead lines, while copper is more utilized is internal and underground lines. According to the low voltage electrical installations norm, NBR 5410, the use of aluminum is forbidden in home installations. Aluminum practically dominates the field of the conductors for transmission lines.

Non-halogenated cables – These electrical conductors are produced in accordance to NBR 13248.Atox is the line of halogen-free of Induscabos’ cables. They are produced with thermoplastic compound, non-halogen SHF1, non-flame spread, with low emission of smoke and toxic gases. They are indicated for electrical installations of buildings where there is a great concentration of people, such as: airports, tunnels, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, cinemas, shopping malls, theaters, among others and that in case of fire the evacuation of the place is long and difficult  areas classified as BD2, BD3 and BD4, by the standards ABNT NBR 5410 and ABNT NBR 13570.

Segments served

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