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High voltage wire and cables, medium voltage and low voltage

Induscabos Condutores Elétricos, one of the largest manufacturer in Brazil of high, medium and low voltage electrical wires and cables, with 100% national capital. It has a complete portfolio able to meet the requirements and complexities of the most varied types of projects.

The line of high voltage cables is divided into copper and aluminum cables with 69 kV and 138 kV. The 3.6 ~ 35 kV

The medium voltage cable line is divided into: cables for underground installations, non-halogen cables for underground installations, cables for aerial installations – compact networks, cables for aerial installations – isolated networks and cables for wind farms.

The low voltage line is divided into: Cables for fixed installations, non-halogen cables for fixed installations, cables for specific use (cables and cables for grounding or aerial network; Cables for welding machines 750 V, Cables for frequency inverter 0, 6/1 kV, cables for submersible pump, cables for fire alarm, cables for photovoltaic plants and telephone wires and cables), Cables for Aerial Installations and Cables for underground installations.

Check out some products that stand out may interest you!

Indugrex AL (0,6/1 kV)

Indusolar Flex

Duflex 750 V

Epronax AL Slim Wind

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