Qualitu Policy

“Through continuous improvements, satisfying the client’s expectations in relation to the acquired products and services”.


– Promote actions for the continuous development of employees;

– Work in teams, to meet the requirements of the interested parties;

– Establish conditions of partnership with customers and suppliers, internal or external,

– With the commitment of all, seek the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

  Aiming to fully meet its clients’ satisfaction, since 1994 Induscabos is certified with the NBR ISO 9002 Quality Management System, which provides the application of the best international practices of Organizational Management. In 2003, it received the NBR-ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate, being certified by DQS Brazil.

  Induscabos is also associated with Qualifio – Brazilian Association for Quality of Electrical Wires and Cables, entities that monitors certification and manufacturers. It is a guarantee of the manufacturing process and quality of Induscabos’ products.

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